Xelero Stockholm (Men) - Grey

For people who need a dress casual shoe, look no further! The Stockholm features a “Slip-Resistant” outsole. The upper is made from soft breathable leathers and the Xelero Patented Swiss technology, inside the midsole, makes walking easier and helps aid in standing on your feet longer. With a wider base to support the foot and more rear foot control the Stockholm has been shown to help many foot ailments, provides better support under the foot, and promotes forward motion without changing your natural gait. The soft leather upper is breathable and the 2 removable footbeds inside the shoe provide both comfort and the ability to customize the fit or make extra room for custom orthotics. For those who need a dressier shoe with slip-resistant outsole, more support and stability, the Stockholm is the answer!
  • A5500 coded for diabetic footwear
  • Arch support prevents the chances of developing conditions like flat feet
  • Breathable to make sure your feet remain dry at all time by ensuring airflow inside
  • Contoured footbed to provide maximum comfort by offering gel-like cushioning for the feet
  • Cushioned heel provides added support to the rear part of the feet to keep your heels soft and supple
  • Deep toe box and extra depth to allow room for any external custom orthotics that the wearer may want to include
  • Flexible outsole to improve road traction and provide a firmer grip while walking
  • Heel counter to offer added support by cradling the heel and reduces over-pronation
  • Motion control feature is designed to limit the motion of the foot as a way of reducing over-pronation
  • Padded collar provides support and protection to the ankle and instep regions of the feet
  • Padded tongue feature cushions your skin, preventing footwear abrasion
  • Removable footbed accommodates custom orthotics
  • Rocker bottom to prevent flat feet
  • Rounded toe box prevents toenail damage
  • Seamless interior to enhance comfort and prevent skin abrasion
  • Shock absorbing feature to prevent external injuries
  • Soft uppers feature protects your skin from footwear abrasion
  • Wide toe box feature offers room for toe wiggling

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