Foot Scientific Arches Type 3 Supination/High Arch Orthotic (Unisex)

The Arches Type 3 Supination/High Arch Orthotic from Foot Scientific.

If you are confident, preferably with the confirmation of a foot specialist, that you are a Supinator or have particularly "high arches" or have been diagnosed with a "cavovarus" foot deformity, our Type 3 will be corrective and helpful for performance and pain alleviation. The Type 3 Orthotic will reduce metatarsalgia pain, pain on the outside of the ankle, pain on the lateral part of the foot, pain in the heel, such as plantar fasciitis, and problems with the heel and Achilles. The patented structure of the Arches Orthotics Type 3 allows the over-flexed big toe to drop into a comfortable position while tilting the heel out of its abnormal position, neutralizing the heel.

  • 1 - Form Correcting Molded Cork: High Arch Support allows for shock absorption, maintains the alignment, and maintains the correction of the orthotic
  • 2 - Heel Stabilizing Padded Foam: stabilizes the heel, providing comfort and support while offering superior comfort
  • 3 - Comfort Layer of EVA Foam: allows for persistent shock absorption and comfort of the wearer
  • 4 - Stay Dry B.K. Mesh: works to control perspiration, odor control, and transitional cushioning
  • 5 - Aegis Microbe Shield: anti-microbial coating controls odor, staining and deterioration  

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