Foot Scientific Type 1 Pronation Control (Unisex)

Arches® Orthotics Type 1 posts a corrective wedge from end to end and brings the foot to neutral – providing a stable foundation for your body and better use of tendons and muscle for a stronger off-step. In addition, this immediately takes pressure off of the ankles and knees, which can ultimately affect alignment in the hip and back. The materials in the orthotic will also absorb shock to the foot and heel.

  • The Arches® line of Orthotics by FootScientific was initially created for collegiate and professional athletes for correction, comfort, and performance and has been found equally effective for the lay user.
  • Three distinct designs balance and stabilize each of the three major foot types.
  • The materials used surpass comfort of most custom footbeds while retaining corrective features. The primary material, a cork amalgam, holds its comfortable shape over time with extra cushion for the heel and ball of the foot.

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