Genext Neutral Heel With Met (Men) - Tan

Genext Active Orthotics (formerly known as "Beats") are designed to help you combat Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) and Metatarsalgia (Ball Of Foot Pain). In just a few days you could be slipping these orthotics into your shoes to chase away the pains associated fallen arches, sore ankles, tired feet and so much more.

The top-cover is a suede like polyester that wicks away moisture and feels comfy beneath your toes. Once you take your tired insoles out of your shoes and slip in the Genext Beats Orthotics you will feel instantly different. With greater stability comes greater confidence, with better alignment comes less pain. Walking becomes easier which means you will do more of it which is great for managing weight too!

  • The top cover is made from Polyester
  • The "shell" inside the orthotic is made from cork and rubber
  • The bottom is made from a tri-density bamboo charcoal foam

The Met Pad is for people who have a condition called Metatarsalgia, which is a throbbing pain beneath the balls of the feet. This met pad sits slightly behind the metatarsal heads which relieves pressure and therefore pain. Gel inserts may be able to mask some of this pain but for true relief you need to relieve pressure.   

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