Kneed 2 Run Orthotic (Unisex) - Black

Whether you are running or running around, KNEED2Run insoles are designed to replace and upgrade the support in athletic shoes. Beneficial to help relieve injuries (like plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior tendonitis and metatarsalgia), resist fatigue, and increase performance.

Heel Cradle - Optimizes your heels natural cushioning and fits inside the heel counter of running shoes to reduce heel slippage commonly found with other insoles.

PORON® Performance Cushioning - The best performance cushioning for impact absorption and durability. Designed to be the same thickness as most running shoe sock liners you are replacing.

Adaptable Arch Support - Biomechanically shaped moldable base ensures support from the heel to the ball of the foot. The base can be easily modified by a trained professional.

Flexible - Naturally flexes with your unique foot and still maintains its shape here you need the support. Perforated - Enhanced breathability and moisture control  

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