Solidus Kate Boot Wide (Women) - Schwarz

The Solidus women's boot from the Solicare Soft product line impresses with its large portion of function and comfort. This Solicare Soft boot with a side zip has a soft, stretchy material in the forefoot area. The high-quality material and the stable TPS sole make it possible for people with sensitive feet such as hallux valgus to take long walks through the cold winter days without their feet hurting. 

Annoying pressure points are a thing of the past because this model has no annoying seams and the foot has enough space in the shoe. In the comfortable width K, the comfortable ankle boots are particularly suitable for wider feet. The removable insole and the microfiber lining should also be emphasized. This means that diabetics also benefit from this women's boot, as the inner lining is washable and antibacterial. Orthopedic insoles can also be used very easily, as the Solidus insole is removable. 

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